Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2017

In order to buy, spend, send, or receive any bitcoins you must have a wallet to store them in first. So what are the best bitcoin wallets out there? Here’s my list I’ve provided showing you the top 5 wallets I recommend.

Most of these wallets are support cross-platform so you can download their apps on your Apple or Android phone. I personally use the Blockchain wallet as my daily online wallet to send transactions. As far as cold storage wallets go, like hardware wallets and paper wallets, I’ll have another post dedicated to those soon. Cold storage wallets are specifically designed for more security since they are ‘offline’ until transactions are made and also need a private key written down in case for the need of recovering your wallet. However, they lack the convenience and practicality of simple everyday users.

The wallets I listed are for the majority of people, who aren’t going to be holding enormous amounts of bitcoins, but rather sending tolerable amounts of bitcoins on a frequent basis. They are web-based and have a private key stored online to recover the wallet in case you can’t login. If you want to store large amounts of bitcoins as a long-term investment, I suggest looking into hardware wallets, like the KeepKey wallet.(I personally have one and it’s great)

  1. Wallet

With over 11 million wallets and serving 120+ countries, this is hands down the most popular wallet in the world and is that way for a reason. Simplicity! It is also cross-platform so you can download it via the Apple app store or Android market for your phone and tablet users. And For those who want to create multiple wallets for themselves, allows you to create as many as you want.

It’s very simple to create a wallet. All you do is type in your email address and create password to log into your account. You will then be given a unique wallet ID number to log in to that bitcoin address. For multiple wallets you do not need to create another account. You will just be given another wallet ID number for your other wallets. A security feature they have which I personally like is an email confirmation every time before logging in which is always a plus for staying safe. even let’s you know what IP address is being used and the location of every login to monitor any unauthorized activity!


  • Supports cross-platform for phones and tablets
  • Email verification login for added security
  • Create unlimited wallets
  • ‘Miner fees’ are the only fees for sending transactions

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  1. Coinbase Wallet

The Coinbase wallet is on my top 5 list because of the different services they provide that are conveniently available to you when choosing a wallet with them. I will explain that in just a bit, but as some background let’s talk a bit about that.

This company is extremely popular today. In fact one of the biggest exchanges in the world as of today. Coinbase has also been featured on Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Time magazine. They support 33 countries and have 12.8 million active wallets and are located in San Francisco, California. Enough about the company and on to the actual wallet!

So the Coinbase wallet also is cross-platform and the app is very visually appealing and easy to navigate. How they store the vast majority of bitcoins is offline apparently, like the cold storage wallets I mentioned previously. They also have an insurance protection by FDIC in case any assets were lost and will cover a maximum of $250,000. This is important as online platforms will always be vulnerable in the world we live in today with the many hackers out there today trying to breach them. You can create multiple wallets as well and what’s cool is you can buy ethereum under the same account too.

Unlike many other companies, Coinbase has an Instant Exchange feature where you can send and receive your digital currency and it will immediately be exchanged into local currency on the same page. This tool is for people who would rather convert bitcoins into USD as soon as they receive it, rather then holding them and have it’s price fluctuations affect their value of assets. They also even have their own bitcoin debit card you can get to spend your bitcoins anywhere! With being able to buy, sell, spend your coins whenever, and handle instant exchange transactions from the same site, Coinbase makes it incredibly simplified and convenient for all of their users to interact and spend how we want.

I have used Coinbase primarily through all 2016 for buying and selling bitcoins and had a great experience. If I had any questions, customer service was quick to respond and withdrawing to my bank account usually only took 1 day! The only downside I can speak of is they do not support using your account to frequently buy and sell bitcoins on another platform like My account got shut down because of this. But other than that, they are a fantastic company with superior services to meet the demands of the market.


  • Supports cross-platform for phones and tablets
  • Stores majority of digital assets in secure offline storage
  • Insured by FDIC up to $250,000
  • Instant Exchange feature
  • Buy bitcoins with bank account, credit or debit cards, and now supporting PayPal
  • get bitcoin debit card

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  1. Bitpay Wallet

I also personally use Bitpay at the moment and I can say this is an excelling competitor in the bitcoin field. Being founded in 2011, this company is one of the older ones out there but don’t let that fool you! They still have the premium services for you to endeavor in like their Bitpay card and are just as immersive as any new upcoming bitcoin company in terms of up-to-date technology.

Bitpay is another wallet provider that supports cross-platform and there is even a desktop client for Windows, macOS Sierra, and Linux. Talk about versatility! The app is focused around simplicity, having the option to buy and sell your bitcoins, add or create a Bitpay card, and buy Amazon gift cards all on one screen. Yes, Bitpay also has an exchange and their own bitcoin debit card! This makes it easy for those users who want that all-in-one package.

If you want an extremely safe wallet, Bitpay gives you the option to turn on a security feature where in order for requiring payments to be transacted, it must have to be accepted by up to 12 different devices. Sure, platforms like Coinbase which have FDIC insurance can cover majority of your losses, but one thing’s for sure is that attempting to steal assets behind a 12 device authorization protocol is going to be near impossible.


  • Increase your security by requiring payments to be accepted by up to 12 different devices
  • Full Payment Protocol support verifies and secures payments to unknown addresses
  • Directly use your wallet to add funds to Bitpay card and to buy/sell bitcoins
  • Simplistic and widely available app for users

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  1. Copay Wallet

Copay is a fairly new competitior, but has some amazing features I want to talk about it with you. It’s audience is focused more towards experienced bitcoin users, in my opinion, who want to share accounts, both personal and business oriented. The desktop clients for Mac or Windows are available to download, as well as for Android and Apple users. They feature a multi signature option where whoever you are sharing an account with must also approve of the transaction before it is sent and completed. This is for people who might be using bitcoin as payment and have a couple partners involved. Multiple accounts can be created for your funds to be kept separated of course, and backups are created for any reason you lose access to your coins.

Like Bitpay, they also feature ‘Full Payment Protocol’ to ensure that your bitcoins are delivered to the right address. Copay also includes native support for the “Bitcoin Testnet” enabling anybody who wants to test new bitcoin applications across multiple platforms. To make it even better for developers out there, the Copay app and server is open source for anyone to apply to their own projects. This means serous users can take full control of their finances by deploying their own version of the app and wallet service.


  • Secure you personal funds with multiple signatures, or just one
  • Multiple wallets to manage personal, business, and testnet wallets
  • Full Payment Protocol support verifies and secures payments to unknown addresses
  • Bitcoin Testnet support for developers
  • Open source for anybody wanting to deploy their own apps and wallet service

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  1. Mycelium Wallet

Lastly on my list is the Mycelium wallet. There’s a lot of new things that are coming out soon along with a crowd sale you can check out. A couple cool features include allowing multiple wallets for you to create, a ‘master seed’ key to access all future bitcoin addresses sequentially, a Bit ID protocol for a more secure authentication, accounts for offline storage, and ‘watch only’ accounts allowing the wallet for outputs but not to spend.

One of their integrations include Coinapult, a way to hedge against USD and other fiats which is a great tool for traders. With the price fluctuating heavily at the moment, traders who predict the price will go down can hedge their accounts by selling off immediately and buying back when the the price is lower. I have hedged my bitcoin assets many times with the bitcoin exchange Kraken, but this makes it practical for those who find it difficult to hedge their accounts elsewhere. Glidera is also an integrations enabling the option to buy and sell bitcoins.

If your more interested in the crowd sale to be a share holder of Mycelium, you can check it out here. If your not familiar with what it is and how it works, the Mycelium whitepaper will tell you all about it. If you’ve ever been involved with an ICO, or initial coin offering, it’s basically that.


  • Wallets use a ‘master seed’ key to access all future bitcoin addresses sequentially
  • Bit ID protocol allows for a more secure authentication
  • Single address accounts for securely storing large amounts by deleting private key and importing back when needed.
  • Accounts for offline storage
  • Many integrations and projects soon to be released

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